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Cars play a central role in our lives. Even if you don't own a car, you ride in cabs, rent cars or accept rides from friends and family. But for most of us, our car play a significant role in our lives, taking us to work and help us manage our daily lives.

The automobile industry is one of the top 5 business sectors in the United States economy. The role in the economy, and the role in our lives, point to the opportunity APIs, in the automobile industry.

There are a handful of players, actively using APIs, and engaging the developer community. Most car companies are using APIs in the sense of a service oriented architecture (SOA), but are just just beginning to understand the potential of web APIs.

When you consider the amount of time ad money we spend on our cars, the opportunity to deliver apps, communication, location and other common API enabled apps is evident.

In comparison of other business sectors that are being influenced by web APIs, the automobile industry is behind. But if you look at the scope of the opportunity, a slow, and thoughtful approach to API deployment and developer engagement is required.

Uber for Business arrives in more than 200 cities

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Uber has announced that its Uber for Business service is now available to companies in all of the territories in which Uber operates – a total of 45 countries and more than 200 cities.Following the launch of the service in the US and Canada in July, the move is aimed at increasing the number of small and mid-sized account customers it can attract in other parts of the world.At its core, the Uber for Business model is pitched on simplicity – all employees need to do is order a car and a charge it to the company account.It includes a centralized more.

Tesla Model S Owners Can Now Start Their Cars With An iPhone (TSLA)

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Remote starting is nothing new for cars, but what if youd rather use your smartphone to do everything under the sun and not have to worry about your vehicles key fob?According to TechCrunchs Darrell Etherington, Tesla Model S owners now have that option.What’s amazing (and surprising) for iPhone users is that they can now unlock and start their car from their devices if they forget their physical key fob at home, he writes.Remote start is cool.I did it this morning with a Ford Escape that Im currently test driving. more.